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Cel-Fi DUO for T-Mobile LTE, 3G, and 4G Signal Boost – 951130

You know you can boost low signal strength to higher bad with a cell phone signal booster and you may also know how to install it. One thing which is very best about technology is that it keeps improving time by time and so does happened with technology of cell phone booster or repeater. Cel-fi, a new competitor in cell phone booster market has introduced whole new range and type of cell phone signal amplifiers.
One thing we found very interesting about this new booster system is that it do not bring any installation work with itself. It comes with two units i.e. network unit and coverage unit.
Network unit is the unit which have to be placed at such a place where you get most signal strength in your home or office. You have to find out place or corner of your home/office where the signal strength is most, you can take network unit with you and it’s front display will show you the signal strength.
Now while placing coverage unit, you have to keep in mind the place where you sit most or where you want full signal strength. Technique here is that you have to keep coverage unit in coverage area of network unit. If you will go outside coverage area of network unit then coverage unit will show you the signal of too far. You have to place coverage unit at place where coverage unit gives you green signal.
After it done, your booster is ready to work.