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What do you do when you are the standard bearer for an industry that is evolving? Evolve!

In May 2016, WilsonPro, a leading industry brand within Wilson Electronics launched a number of top new suite business solutions to enhance cellular coverage which included WilsonPro 4000R. It is also the time Wilson Electronics was announced by Verizon Wireless as their first ever cell signal amplifier maker to join the Verizon Partner Program. One of an unveiled business solutions is the Wilson Pro 4000R cell phone signal booster. Wilson 460231has been announced to be cost-effective, quick deployment that works exceptionally well in vast indoor settings and a unique booster targeting IT enterprise professionals.
Wilson 4000R is designed with in-building solutions in mind. It is capable of enhancing cellular coverage for huge indoor spaces such as offices, warehouses, hotels and hospitals. Essentially, weak cell signals are amplified to offer the most reliable data and voice coverage, including 4G within inside spaces where signals have not been penetrating. The downlink and uplink adjustable gain controls on every band give the user the chance to customize the Wilson 4000-R to meet the needs of any particular signal environment.
As the first ever rack mounted amplifier, Wilson Pro4000R has four different signal amplifiers built into one. It incorporates feeds to four indoor antennas which, in turn, can each be split four ways to form a network of sixteen interior antennas covering up to 140,000 sq. ft. of indoor spaces (under strong outside signal conditions). As such, the Wilson-4000R cell booster gives out the power of not one but four boosters within one rack mount unit. This once cell boosting amplifier can therefore provide indoor coverage between 100,000 and 140,000 square feet depending upon the strength of incoming signal from the cell tower.
Wilson Pro4000-R also comes with features unique to WilsonPro signal boosters for the cellular network. This includes auto detecting site protections particularly for cell tower interference prevention. With a 3-year warranty, the cell booster is a high quality product for professional and extensive technology integration.
In contrast with other cell phone signal boosters, Wilson Pro 4000 R is installation-friendly. It comes in a rack mounted design that fits into the server rack. The unit is accessible with ease whenever you need it. The four-way navigation of the LCD color screen ensures integrator control the unit easily.
Overall, few great benefits of the device include:
Wide coverage area.
Elimination of dropped calls.
Voice quality is highly improved.
Emails and text message reception and sending is enhanced.
Internet data streaming, downloads and uploads is made faster than ever.
Reception is heavily improved.
Makes services across the office consistent.
Raises the number of signal bars.
Boosts phone battery life.
Booster remains connected all the time and remains on, always.
WilsonPro 460231 unit provides an FCC-approved downlink power of up to 12 dB higher than other cell boosters out there. This ensures the signal remains strong even when incoming signal is not very strong. Uplink power is the highest permitted, providing an increased range and user capacity. A lower shutdown and overload threshold guarantees Wilson Pro 4000R performance remains very high even in the strongest signal surroundings such as locations close to cell towers and cities. It will not shut down or overload due to a powerful incoming signal, as a result of a low threshold.

As the first rack mounted type of cell booster in the industry, Wilson Pro 460231 is a professional-grade multi-carrier all-band signal booster that enhances and amplifies voice calls, 4G LTE data, 3G, and 2G networks on all Canadian and US carriers.