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Why is a 650B Frame a Game Changer!

It used to be 26er Vs 29er all along until recently, a new kid in the block challenging the traditional rival is a 650b. Until now the 650B wheel size was something that was tested and considered not good enough both on the road bike and mountain bike world. Either the wheel was not large enough for a road standards and too large for mountain bike standards. The holy grail in mountain bikes is that the 26inch wheel size is great for technical cornering and fast acceleration after you make that tight hairpin turn. When it comes to long straight descents or bombing down a steep trail it is not as impressive as the 29er wheels!

When it comes to climbing, the 29er has a larger wheel base to and more tire on the ground to keep the bike moving without the rider loosing balance. The 26er on the other hand makes the spinning of the tire easier because of its lesser circumference and their by the distance the pedal force have to travel. Both the wheel sizes has their advantages and disadvantages. For riders who are 6 feet and above have different complain then those of riders who are less then 5′ 10″ . The taller riders have more leverage then riders with shorter leg and tend to enjoy a 29er more, how ever when it comes to tight technical riding the taller rider and shorter rider both have a set of complain with both 26er and 29er bikes.

The fix!, drum roll… a 27.5″ bike. The story reminds you one of that not so good looking chic from high school who, none of us paid any attention comes to your reunion as a stunning bombshell. The 27’5″ or 650b bikes have the optimum wheel to take on a suitable frames size. The transition would have happened even sooner if we had not dabbled with the 27.5″ wheel bikes in the past. When the frame designers ran into constraints associated with 29er bikes, the biggest constrain they had to tackle was the length of the bike, no matter what you did with the frame angle, the chain stay length, seat tube angle, top tube angle the fact that the 29inch wheel base required the frame to be a certain dimension and that dimension made the bike that much longer and to fit such a long bike in tight corner required some skills! Those kind of skills take a long time on the bike to acquire, and we do not want that , do we? We want something easy and takes less time to master. The answer is again 27.5″ set of wheels.